Denis Doble


Today we at MAX feel compelled to release a new name which has been suggested for quite some time. Well documented for his champagne swilling and goody bag grabbing antics here, Denis Doble (Dribble) is well deserving of his place on MAX’s list.  This freeloading leech can be found any place where there’s free drink (the more expensive the better) and has recently taken up with other known gatecrashers. A tiresome bore, he and his wrinkly companion need to be stopped dead in their tracks. You only have to see the Steeple Times to read about his antics.  It seems like Dribble is also friends with the lunatic turbo ligger that is Sandra Shevey.


Sandra Shevey


This is a very dodgy and strange woman. As far as we can tell, Shevey is actually an author, but after that it gets murky. Supposedly exiled in London, Shevery claims to have been blacklisted and now allegedly spends her days writing a blog (we’ve never seen it) and giving walking tours of London (we’ve never take one). She also freely admits to going to multiple parties every night (many of which she’s not invited to), where she can be found either chasing waiters, or head down in a plate of food.  One Commentator  has noted that “Sandra Shevey is a world-class crackpot who posts the most extraordinary delusional comments on YouTube.”  Sounds about right to us.  So insane is this ligger, that Matthew Steeples has christened her a turbo ligger!

Cleopatra Mylonas

The other half of A-List Events and colleague of Peter Sharpe.  Anybody who’s had dealings with her will tell you that she’s as bad, if not worse, than Sharpe and so it’s no accident these two found one another.  Again, though she claims to “work” in the NHS and is not connected to the events industry in any way, Mylonas, like Sharpe, is not above attacking fellow guests and should be approached with caution, or best just well avoided . . . unless you want to listen to the dull, monotonous, dribble she comes out with.  A conversationalist she’s not, but she manages to sniff out a buffet.


Peter Sharpe

After multiple people reported problems with Sharpe and his colleague Cleopatra Mylonas, we at MAX had no choice but to add them to the list. In fact, we’ll just copy what was sent to us as it seems quite inclusive. Sharpe is a short, weaselly looking man with scraggly white hair.  He’s been described as former CIA Agent, though somebody must be having a laugh. The guy’s a freaking nutcase, especially when he drinks (which is often) and is well known for attacking staff and fellow guests.  Along with Mylonas, Sharpe will attend the opening of an envelope, claiming to work in the industry via the dubious A-List Events company. Ladies, watch out as this one’s a grabber.


Julian Assange Lookalike

What can be written about the Julian Assange lookalike that hasn’t already been documented here and here?  Well, let’s start with the fact that his name is Sergei Abramov and he’s often seen with a German companion, known only as Barbara.  And like the infamous David Pun, Assange is never actually invited to the events he attends, but turns up anyway. Was recently seen worming his way into a fashion launch despite having appalling fashion sense.  And though he has several known associates, one name crops up repeatedly, Toby Evans.  More to come on Evans later.


Anne Pigalle

This ageing chanteuse is still plying her trade at London’s sleaziest night spots under the name Madame Sex, though now in her 50’s, we don’t think many would want to go there! When not playing Dominatrix, the former Warhol muse likes to crash fashion parties with the Julian Assange lookalike and his champagne swilling companion. A friendly word luv, you might need to wax your tache . . . bearded ladies are so last year!


James Dummer

Dummer by name, but not by nature, this creepy old man has been accurately described here and is legendary in fashion circles for being surrounded by young, black females. Needless to say, he’s not the type of person you’d want rocking up at your next event. Known associate of fellow gatecrasher Denis Doble. Don’t fall for his fake press credentials as the only thing he presses, are a black girls lips around . . . well, we’ll leave that to your imagination.


Melanie Rochester

A very strange and quite unstable character is Melanie. Has been written about quite descriptively here, though some have simply referred to her as nothing more than a schizophrenic prostitute who uses high class events to ply her trade. At MAX, we actually don’t know what her trade is, but she’s certainly not connected to the events industry in any way, shape, or form. As for her somewhat dishevelled appearance, we hear these are “work related ” or injuries sustained after having been out with “clients”, so make of that what you will. Or she’s just really careless and frequently falls down flights of stairs. Either way, we’d recommend steering well clear of this character and being extra vigilant about keeping her (and pack of undesirables she travels with) out of your events.


David Pun

David Pun
What can be said about David Pun that hasn’t been said already? A quick read here and here, should tell you all you need to know about London’s most prolific gatecrasher. Make no mistake, Pun is not actually ever invited to events; he simply shows up and takes a glass, a canapé, and a goody bag before moving on to another event. He was recently observed being removed by security at an event in London after walking in and helping himself to a goody bag. Despite what you’ve read, Pun has no affiliation with Harvey Nichols and has been banned by Sotheby’s for pretending to bid on art for a wealthy Chinese client.

MAX decodes the Blaggers LIST!

Greetings from MAX
As event industry professionals, you are no doubt aware of the increased abuse gatecrashers and freeloaders make of your free showcases, open days, and other trade only industry events.  Though much has been shared amongst individual venues about these blaggers, we at MAX have in our possession an original list of real names and contact details of the worst offenders and shall be publishing the same shortly.
This list could not be possible without the pioneering and tireless efforts of broadcaster Victoria Coren-Mitchell, journalist Matthew Steeples, and the events publisher (known as) the Secret London Agent, all of whom have in some way contributed to this report. Much of what you read below has been adapted from their writings so many, many thanks to you all.
Please look out for the these rogues and remove them from your events. After all, do you really want people like this at your event? No, we didn’t think so, either!
Use the information wisely and keep it under wraps. 
Bye for now.